First Harbour Towers

While true modernism is defined as the "simplification of form and subtraction of ornament from the structure", this first residential tower built in the area is modern but also rich in detail and warm in perception.

First Harbour Towers, designed by architect Robert Matts in 1963 and built the following year, demonstrates simplicity and the innovative utilization of advances in technology:

Cantilevered concrete "eyebrows" delineate each floor and create horizontal lines that reduce the perception of its height. A combination of dark brick, pale metal panels and stacked balconies define the building and provide visual interest. Decorative concrete block and patterned brick detailing give it human scale. Even the piling design created by structural engineer Hector F. J. Estrup was revolutionary for its day.

Thoughtfully maintained through its 50 years, First Harbour Towers wears its stylish Modernity well.

Lighting adds delight to its design. After dark, colored bulbs behind the decorative bricks emphasize and highlight the verticality of the elevator shaft and stairs. The ground floor lobby glows at night, beckoning one inside.

Caption - Concrete Parking Pod:
The distinctive "parking pods" came from a company in Sarasota, the birthplace of the Sarasota School of Architecture. They are labeled "20' x 20' Hyperbolic Parabaloids" on the construction documents.

These pods were most likely influenced by similar concrete pods of the Warm Mineral Springs Motel in North Port designed by the renowned Sarasota architect Victor Lundy.

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